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Herbal Regenesis

Seven Generations of Holistic Knowledge

Our formulas can do so much more than simply aid in your workout routine. They control seasonal allergies, lower cholesterol, lose weight and boost energy levels. We strive to better our line everyday and take great responsibility in providing tried and true products. We proudly make our formulas in the USA using premium ingredients, nothing less. At Herbal Regenesis, our customers come first.

Seven Generations of Knowledge

Raymond Maurice Photography

Raymond Maurice Photography

Our formulas are proudly made in the USA.

For the past seven generations our family has been researching and developing all-natural herbal solutions to cleanse, nourish and balance various organs of the body. We believe in and encourage a holistic approach when it comes to healthy living. Our great Chinese tradition instills the importance of sharing our knowledge with the world so that we may better it. Now our ancient secrets come of age and these special combinations are available to you through our line of formulas.

Our herbs are grown from natural sources, free from use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives. Without compromising standards by adding stimulants, Master Chen Li blends purified whole herbs straight from the source. These herbs are refined and subsequently extracted to ensure higher potency and faster activation once consumed. The end product is encapsulated to seal in the potency.

Our formulas have been researched, developed and continually improved by Master Chen Li with your health in mind. Our products are tested in certified microbiology laboratories and are issued Certificates of Analyses to ensure that they are free of undesirable micro-organisms or contamination by yeast as well as other toxic substances. Each vegetable capsule contains 800 milligrams of organically blended Chinese herbs. Our products are 100% vegetarian and contain no animal byproducts, fillers, binders or allergens.

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Chinese herbs are unique in the sense that unlike Western medicine, they are almost never used alone. In traditional Chinese medicine, in order to nourish and protect the body it is necessary to use a potent combination of 4 to 35 different types of herbs. It is the art of combining the different attributes of these herbs that allow for them to produce the desired results.
— Master Chen Li